Current Product Range

NHK Delta
– Improves Yield & Extends Productive Life
NHK Delta is an exclusive nitrogen and potassium slow release fertilizer that enhances crop quality, production, rooting and stress tolerance.

NHCa Delta – Strong Root Development & Improved Quality
NHCa Delta is a high performance soil and/or foliar feed combining highly stabilised nitrogen (in the form of NH2) with calcium to give strong root development and to improve quality, yield and stress tolerance.

CalFlux – Better Delivery System For Calcium Absorption
Calflux is a better delivery system for calcium absorption. Often symptoms of calcium deficiency in plants are not because the plant is lacking in calcium but that the calcium is in the wrong part of the plant.

1-4-All – Balanced Range Of Micro-Elements Ensuring Optimised Growth
Designed to complement our range of Delta and CalFlux products, 1-4-All gives a balanced range of micro-elements to ensure optimised plant growth, as and when demanded by the metabolic processes of the plant.

Xstress – Specialist Trace Element Product Developed To Assist Crops In High Stressed Environments.

TipTop – General Top Dressing Fertilizer
Developed to enhance nutrient response in conjunction with conventional base fertilizer dressings. TipTop can be applied according to the growing crops demands.



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